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Find the tunes you want, and then use the Select button on each to choose them in the order you want to play them in a set. When you’ve done that use Show Set to view and play back the set.

You can also look at some sets that have been played in New Zealand at various times in our Historic Sets page.

Tunes in Set
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A Slip Of A Thing Emin slip jig
A Thousand Farewells Dmaj jig
An Buachaill Dreoite G jig
An Londubh D hornpipe
An Phis Fhliuch G slip jig
Apples In Winter Edor jig
Arthur Darley's Amix jig
Babes In The Wood Dmaj polka
Bag of Spuds Ador reel
Baitheadh Bhrioclais (The Drowning At Bruckless) Gmaj jig
Ballydesmond No. 1 Ador polka
Ballydesmond No. 2 Ador polka
Ballydesmond No. 3 polka
Ballymagan Fairies Dmaj reel
Banish Misfortune Dmix jig
Bank of Turf (Padraig O'Keefe's) D jig
Battering Ram Gmaj jig
Beeswing Hornpipe A A hornpipe
Beeswing Hornpipe Bb Bb hornpipe
Behind the Haystack D jig
Belfast Hornpipe D hornpipe
Belltable Waltz D waltz
Bill Collins' Jig D jig
Bill Sullivan's Polka A polka
Billowing Waves D jig
Bird In the Bush G reel
Black Rogue Amix jig
Blackberry Blossom G reel
Blackthorn Stick G jig
Blarney Pilgrim Dmix jig
Bog down in the Valley-O polka
Bowna Slide G slide
Boy in the Gap Dmaj reel
Boyne Hunt reel
Boyne Hunt D reel
Boys of Ballisodare Dmix reel
Boys of BlueHill D hornpipe
Boys of Malin A reel
Brenda Stubbert's Ador reel
Brendan Tonra's D jig
Brian Boru's March march
Brid Harper's Ddor jig
Britches Full of Stitches G polka
Britches Full of Stitches (whistle) A polka
Brosna Slide G slide
Bryan O'Lynn Ador jig
Bucks of Oranmore reel
Bucks of Oranmore D reel
Bundle and Go G jig
Bushmills Fancy Gmaj hornpipe
Butter and Peas G reel
Caherlistrane Amaj jig
Caileach an Airgid (The Hag With The Money) D jig
Cape Breton Set D march, strathspey, reel
Caroline's Favourite reel
Cashmere Shawl Ador reel
Catharsis Gdor reel
Cedars of Lebanon (Andy Dickson's Reel) Dmaj reel
Centenary March march
Charles Montgomery Reel Gmaj reel
Charlie's Jig jig
Christmas Eve G reel
Christy Barry's No 2 G jig
Cliffs of Moher Ador jig
Coleman's Cross Edor jig
Colonel Fraser Gmaj reel
Colonel Fraser (Banjo) G reel
Con Cassidy's G jig
Conaill’s Favourite A jig
Concertina Reel D reel
Connachtman's Rambles D jig
Connaughtman's Rambles C jig
Creggs Pipes G reel
Crested Hens Edor waltz
Crib of Perches Dmix reel
Crock of Gold G reel
Cup of Tea Edor reel
Darling Asleep, Saddle the Pony, Lark in the Morning D,G,D jig
Derry Hornpipe D hornpipe
Derry Reel Amaj reel
Dinkey's Amix reel
Dinny O'Brien's Dmix reel
Dirty Linen Amix slip jig
Doctor Gilberts Em reel
Donald Blue D reel
Donald Blue D reel
Donegal Lass Amix jig
Donnybrook Fair G jig
Dowd's No. 9 D reel
Down the Back Lane Dmix jig
Drowsy Maggie Edor reel
Drunken Gauger G jig
Drunken Landlady Edor reel
Dublin Reel D reel
Dunmore Lasses Edor reel
Dunmore Lasses (whistle) Edor reel
Durrow Reel D reel
Earl's Chair D reel
Easter Sunday Amin reel
Eavesdropper A jig
Eileen Curran's Gdor reel
Farewell to Connaught Dmix reel
Farewell to Ireland (aka Farewell to Erin) Ador/Amix reel
Farewell to Whalley Range F#m slip jig
Farrel O'Gara's D reel
Father Kelly's G reel
Father Kelly's, Sailor on the Rock reel
Fig for a Kiss Edor slip jig
Finlay's Jig A jig
Finnish Polka Bdor polka
Fisher's Hornpipe D hornpipe
Flooded Road to Glenties Bdor reel
Flowers of Edinburgh G reel
For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name Gmaj waltz
Forty Two Pound Cheque D polka
Fox on the Town G reel
Foxhunter's D slip jig
Frank's Reel A reel
Frankie Kennedy's D jig
Frost is All Over D jig
Galway Hornpipe D hornpipe
Galway Reel G reel
Gander at the Pratie Hole Dmix jig
Garrett Barry's Jig G jig
Geese in the Bog Ador jig
Giant's Causeway Dmaj reel
Glen Allen G reel
Gold Ring Gmaj jig
Golden Castle Gdor hornpipe
Golden Eagle G hornpipe
Golden Keyboard Edor reel
Golden Stud Emin reel
Goodbye Snoopy G waltz
Green Fields of Rossbeigh Edor reel
Green Mountain D reel
Guns of the Magnificent Seven Ador reel
Gypsy Princess Gmaj barndance
Hag at the Churn D jig
Happy to Meet Sorry to Part Gmaj jig
Hardiman's Fancy Bmin jig
Hare in the Corn G jig
Haunted House G jig
Head for the Hills G slide
Hewlett D planxty
Hey Jude G hornpipe
High Road to Linton Amix reel
Hobby Horse D jig
Home Ruler D hornpipe
Humours of Ballyloughlin Dmix jig
Humours of Ennistymon G jig
Humours of Glendart, Kesh Jig D,G jig
Humours of Lissadell Edor reel
Humours of Tulla D reel
Humours Of Tullycrine Ador hornpipe
Hut on Staffin Island D hornpipe
I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave Dmix jig
I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her Dmix jig
I Ne'er Shall Wean Her Ador jig
If There Weren’t Any Women in the World-A A barndance
If There Weren’t Any Women in the World-G G barndance
Irish Washerwoman Gmaj jig
Jackie Coleman's D reel
Jackson's Gmaj jig
Jamesy Gannon’s Barndance D barndance
Jenny Dang The Weaver Dmaj reel
Jenny Picking Cockles Gmaj reel
Jenny's Chickens Bdor reel
Jerry's Beaver Hat D jig
Jim Ward's G jig
Jinny Turnip G jig
Joe Bane's Amaj barndance
Joe Cooleys Edor reel
John Doherty's Mazurka Dmaj mazurka
John Ryans D polka
Johnny Macklejohn's D reel
Josefin’s waltz G waltz
Joy of My Life Gmaj jig
Julia Delaney Ddor reel
Kate Marie G reel
Kelly the boy from Killane D hornpipe
Kesh Jig G jig
Kid on the Mountain G slip jig
Kilglass Lakes D jig
Killavil Jig Edor jig
Kilty Town Gmaj reel
King of the Fairies Edor hornpipe
Kitty Lie Over D jig
Kitty Sean's G barndance
Kitty's Wedding D hornpipe
Knockawhinna Gmaj jig
Knocknagow Ador jig
L'Air Mignonne A barndance
Lads of Laois Edor reel
Larry Redican's (The Culfadda) F reel
Lasses, Trust in Providence Dmaj reel
Last Night's Fun D reel
Leg of the Duck G jig
Leitrim Bucks Dmaj reel
Leslie's March D jig
Lilting Banshee Ador jig
Limerick Lasses D reel
Little Diamond Polka D polka
Lonesome Jig D jig
Long Journey Emin jig
Longford Collector G reel
Love at the Endings D reel
Low Highland Ador highland
Lucy Campbell D reel
Lucy Farr's Barn Dance G barndance
Luke Skywalker Walks on Sunshine A jig
Lurgan Park Ador reel
MacLeod's Farewell (The Wedding) D reel
Mad Jig G jig
Maddy Donovan's Dmaj reel
Maid at the Well Amaj jig
Maid behind the bar D reel
Maid Behind the Bar D reel
Maids of Ardagh D polka
Maids Of Mount Cisco Ador reel
March Of The Meeatoiteen Bull Amix march
Maries Wedding G polka
Marion Egan's Dmaj reel
Martin Wynne's No 1 D reel
Martin Wynne's No 2 D reel
Martin Wynne's No 3 G reel
Mason's Apron Amaj reel
Master McDermott's D reel
Maude Millar G reel
Mayor Harrison's Fedora Edor reel
McFadden's Handsome Daughter Amaj reel
McHugh's G jig
Meitheal Reel C reel
Memories Of Fermanagh Dmaj air
Merry Blacksmith D reel
Micho Russell's Gmaj reel
Midnight on the Water waltz
Mike Cooney's Fancy Gmaj jig
Mike McGoldrick's D jig
Miss Monaghan D reel
Miss Monaghan's, Mulhaires D,D reel
Miss Thompson's Dmaj hornpipe
Mist Covered Mountain Ador jig
Montgomery's March D march
Morning Star G reel
Morningside Hornpipe Gmaj hornpipe
Morrison's Edor jig
Morrison's Bush D polka
Morrisons jig, Drowsy Maggie Edor jig, reel
Mountain Road D reel
Mountain Road D reel
Mouse in the cupboard G jig
Mouse In The Mug G jig
Mrs Crehan's Gmaj reel
Mrs Galvin's Jig G jig
Mulhaire's No 4 G reel
Munster Bacon D jig
Munster Buttermilk D jig
Murphy's Hornpipe G hornpipe
Murroe Polka G polka
Musical Priest Bdor reel
My Darling Asleep D jig
Na Ceannabhain Bhana G slip jig
Nancy's Jig G jig
New Copperplate G reel
New Mown Meadow Ador reel
New Zealand Hornpipe hornpipe
NZ Hornpipe G hornpipe
O'Keefe's Slide Ador slide
Off To Australia Reel G reel
Off to California G hornpipe
Old Bush Dmix reel
Old Butter Road D reel
Old Copperplate Ador reel
Old Flail G jig
Old Friend D air
Old Hag, You Have Killed Me Dmix jig
Old Lurgan Town Dmaj jig
Old Rafferty’s Apple D reel
Oot Be Est Da Vong Dmaj reel
Otter's Holt Bdor reel
Out On the Ocean G jig
Out On the Ocean (whistle) Gmaj jig
Out On The Road Dmaj jig
Over the Moor to Maggie G reel
Over the Wall G jig
Paddy Canny's Toast Gdor reel
Paddy Cronin's Dmaj reel
Paddy Fahey's Gmaj hornpipe
Paddy Fahey's 1 (original) Ddor reel
Paddy Fahey's Jig G jig
Paddy Fahey's Jig Dmix jig
Paddy Fahey's No. 1 Ddor reel
Paddy Fahey's No. 14 G reel
Paddy Fahey's No. 6 Dmix reel
Paddy from Port Law D jig
Paddy Hudai's D slip jig
Paddy Taylor's Amix reel
Paddy's Trip to Scotland D reel
Paidin O'Rafferty Dmaj jig
Pan's Rock D reel
Parnell's March Gmaj slide
Patricia's D waltz
Peeler's Jacket Gdor reel
Pipe on the Hob Ador jig
Plains of Boyle D hornpipe
Plane of the Plank Gmaj hornpipe
Poll Ha'Penny Amix hornpipe
Porthole of the Kelp Ddor reel
Possum Hunter's Reel C reel
Pull The Knife And Stick It Again Edor jig
Rakes of Kildare Ador jig
Rakish Paddy Ador reel
Rambling Sailor Amaj polka
Rantan Highlandman G reel
Red Haired Lass G reel
Red Tom of the Hills Gdor reel
Reel Of Rio Gmaj reel
Rights of Man G hornpipe
Rip the Calico D reel
Road to Lisdoonvarna Edor slide
Road to Monalea C reel
Rolling in the Ryegrass D reel
Rolling Waves D jig
Roscommon Reel Edor reel
Rose in the Gap Edor march
Rose in the Heather D jig
Saddle the Pony Gmaj jig
Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh Ador reel
Sailor's Bonnet D reel
Sally Gardens G reel
Seamus Ennis' Jig G jig
Shetland Fiddler D reel
Ships are Sailing G reel
Ships in Full Sail, Connaughtmans, Calliope House Amaj jig
Shoemaker's Fancy G jig
Siege of Ennis G polka
Silver Spear D reel
Silver Spear, Swallows Tail, The Boyne Hunt D,G,D reel
Silver Spire D reel
Siobhan O'Donnell's A reel
Skylark D reel
Sliabh Russell Ador jig
Sligo Maid Ador reel
Sligo Reel (James Murray's) Gmaj reel
Small Feet F barndance
Snowy Path D slip jig
Snuff Wife Amix jig
Soggy's A slip jig
Soldier's Joy D hornpipe
Sonny's Mazurka D mazurka
Sourgrass and Granite D waltz
Speed the Plough Dmaj reel
Spindleshanks D reel
Spootiskerry G reel
Sporting Pitchfork G jig
Spotted Dog A jig
Spuds For Dinner G reel
St Anne's Reel D reel
St Patrick's Day G jig
Star of Munster Ador reel
Stool Of Repentance A jig
Stoot's Trip Ta Skea Dmaj reel
Stratford Hornpipe D hornpipe
Strop the Razor G jig
Sunny Days G hornpipe
Sweetie Pie Amix reel
Swinging on the Gate G reel
Tam Lin Ddor reel
Tar Road to Sligo D jig
Tatter Jack Walsh Dmix jig
Templehouse Reel Em reel
The Abbey Reel Ador reel
The Abbeyleix Ddor reel
The Air Tune D reel
The Arra Mountains Ador slip jig
The Banks Of Lough Gowna Bmin jig
The Banshee G reel
The Banshee's Wail Gmaj jig
The Bumpy Road Ador jig
The Cameronian Dmaj reel
The Castle Ador jig
The Cat Rambles To The Child's Saucepan D slide
The Clare G reel
The Congress Reel Ador reel
The Cook In The Kitchen Gmaj jig
The Cornboy aka McGreevy's Dmix reel
The Curlew Bdor reel
The Easy Club Amaj reel
The Fisherman's Island Dmaj reel
The Fox in the Town G reel
The Foxhunter A reel
The Galtee Ador reel
The Galway Rambler Gmaj reel
The Gillaroo Gmaj reel
The Girl in the Big House Dmix jig
The Glen Of Aherlow (Lafferty's) Edor reel
The Glen Road to Carrick Dmaj reel
The Gravel Walks Ador reel
The Green Cake Amaj reel
The Hangman's Rope G hornpipe
The Happy Man Gmaj reel
The Holly Bush Gmaj jig
The Kilmovee Gmaj jig
The Knotted Cord Ador reel
The Lark In The Morning Dmaj jig
The Mad Piper G jig
The March Of The Meena Toiteen Bull (Three Parts) Amix highland
The Monaghan Jig Emin jig
The Mooncoin Amix jig
The Nightingale Ador jig
The Oak Tree Dmaj reel
The Old Favourite Gmaj jig
The Orphan Em jig
The Parting G waltz
The Peelers Jacket, The Torn Jacket, Lucy Campbells G,D,D reel
The Priest G slide
The Reconciliation A reel
The Road To Glountane D reel
The Rock Of Cashel Cmaj reel
The Rollicking Boys Of Tandragee Edor jig
The Salamanca Reel D reel
The Salvation A reel
The Shannon Jig A jig
The Shaskeen G reel
The Shepherdess Gmaj jig
The Ships In Full Sail Gmaj jig
The Square at Crossmaglen Gdor reel
The Steampacket Gmaj reel
The Tarbolton Edor reel
The Tenpenny Bit Ador jig
The Turnpike Amaj reel
The Twelve Pins G reel
The Warbling Robin Gmaj barndance
The Whistler of Rosslea Edor reel
Tiger in the Grass Bmin reel
Tobin's Favourite D jig
Tobins Favourite, Cronins, Shandon Bells D,Ador,D jig
Tom's Blue Boat D polka
Tommy Coen's Gdor reel
Tommy Peoples G reel
Top It Off D hop jig
Torn Jacket D reel
Toss the Feathers Edor reel
Toss the Feathers Dmix reel
Trip To Devonport G hornpipe
Trip to Durrow D reel
Trip to Makara D reel
Trip To Pakistan Edor reel
Trip To The Cottage Gmaj jig
Tripping Up the Stairs D jig
Two Fifty to Vigo Bdor reel
Village Of Cong Cmaj reel
Vincent Campbell's (The Glenties) Gmaj mazurka
Virginia Reel D reel
Warwick's Jig G jig
Wha'll Be King But Charlie Am jig
Whelan's Jig Edor jig
Whistler at the Wake D jig
White Petticoat Emin jig
Will you come down to Limerick Gmix slip jig
Will You Come Home With Me G jig
Willafjord D reel
Willie Coleman's Gmaj jig
Wilton G jig
Wind that Shakes the Barley reel
Wise Maid D reel
Woman of the House Gmaj reel
Yellow Tinker aka Drunken Tinker Amix reel