Irish Sessions in New Zealand

Sessions in Wellington

There’s a session in Wellington on Tuesday nights that starts about 7:30 pm in the Welsh Dragon Bar, 10/12 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington 6011, New Zealand. Players of traditional Irish music are welcome.

For the first hour or so the pace is relatively slow and suits those who are new to playing this sort of music as well as those want to play at a relaxed pace. If you’re new to playing at this part of our session, see our Intro page.

There’s a number of people who come to the session who are part of a local university folk club, VicFolk. They meet on a regular basis to learn new tunes and you can see details of the tunes they’re currently working on at the Vicfolk at the Wellington Session page.

More experienced players tend to turn up after the first hour and the focus changes to a quicker pace.

For up to date information or to ask a question, check out the Wellington Irish Sessions Facebook page.

Other NZ Sessions

There are a number of sessions around New Zealand in places such as Auckland, Christchurch, Nelson, Arrowtown and Dunedin. There’s almost certainly other places we’ve missed.

You can search for sessions in New Zealand on The Session website. We encourage anyone in New Zealand to use The Session to document their session and keep the data up to date. And you can always ask on the Wellington Irish Sessions Facebook page for up to date information.