This page has links to tools that are useful for anyone wanting to work with ABC and MP3 files and other things!


If you have some ABC you want to edit you can use the editABC page.Simply replace the ABC on that page with your ABC and the musical notation should redraw. You can also listen to your version played through the ABC player we use on the various webpages

Play Local Audio

If you have audio files on your own computer you can use the Play Local Audio page to slow down a number of audio and video formats and play parts of them in a loop.

Play Local ABC

If you have ABC files on your own computer you can use the Play Local ABC page to play them


Simple metronome – no bells, no whistles! Supports 30 – 200 bpm.

Transpose ABC

If you have ABC notation that needs transposed to a different key, then this tool will help.

Add Blackboard ABC

If you’d like add “blackboard ABC” (or is it really “whiteboard ABC” these days?) to your ABC notation, this tool may help. You may have to hand tweak the output in some cases.


Tom Wyllie has produced this lovely tool for identifying tunes and finding a match on sites like TheSession. He describes it like this:

  • FolkFriend listens to instrumental folk music, transcribes the melody to sheet music, and searches a database of traditional tunes for matches. You may either use the microphone on your device, or upload an existing audio file. FolkFriend runs entirely in browser and works without an internet connection.

ABC Transcription Tools

If you need to handle more complex ABC features for editing, playing, and training on ABC tunes you can look at Michael Eskin’s site. It supports many styles of tablature, and can easily build interactive PDF tune books. There’s a User Guide as well.